camping (version 1.0)

exciting news: i slept in a tent! for anyone who knows me, this is big news. i’ve never been considered outdoorsy. my idea of outdoorsy fun generally involves dining alfresco or packing the perfect picnic–perhaps light hiking if i’m feeling really sporty. that changed this weekend.

it was the perfect setup really. i couldn’t sleep so i kept haranguing my partner to get up too. it’s really rather logical: if i can’t sleep, no one else is allowed to either. by about 2 in the morning, he had enough of my pacing and clunking about, the loud typing, deep sighing and of course my inquiries of if he was still asleep or not–it started to wear on him as one might reasonably expect.

however, his solution to this problem was a novel one–and altogether quite clever. a decision was made that it would be an ideal time to try camping–it would only be for a half a night and we were both exhausted to begin with…meaning i might actually sleep in a tent, at least for an hour or two. while i was aware that this was all part of a master plan to acclimate me to the thought of spending a week hiking and sleeping in a tent in the sequoias, i was too deliriously tired to argue against it–and frankly it sounded more intriguing than any more late night writing and working.

we almost had it all: a cozy, crackling campfire (on the tv), searching for constellations (via our iphone app), a cool breeze blowing (the vents from the air conditioner hit our tent directly), a toasty sleeping bag and late night conversations. we didn’t have s’mores, so my experience wasn’t quite complete, but it came close. and it was certainly the closest i’ve been to a real camping experience. and it was rather glorious.

plus there’s really nothing better in the morning than waking up at home, stepping out of the tent and being able to enjoy good coffee and a hot shower. we’ll save the real camping for another day.