never have i ever…

i’m amazed by all the things in life that i’ve done that i swore, at one point, i would never do or never ever ever like.

here’s a running list based on my recollections thus far:

  • i live in north park.
  • i got married.
  • i got divorced.
  • i drink wine enthusiastically.
  • i started my own business.
  • i drive a prius.
  • i own a velvet sofa.
  • i eat soup.
  • i consider yoga a legitimate way to work out.
  • i love la.
  • i wear denim shorts on occasion.

fascinating list i know. but honestly, it’s amazing how little you can predict about what’s coming next in your own life and how tastes/preferences/circumstances that we like to fancy are immutable change quicker that we would ever prefer to admit. can’t wait to see what’s around the next corner.