what is e-design?
e-design is a simple way to design your space without the expense of retaining a full service designer. each e-design consultation is completely individualized and created specifically to fit your space, style and budget.

how does it work?
if you’re local, we include a one hour home visit (southern california area only). during this visit we will discuss floor plan and preferences, as well as design direction and budget.

if you live outside of the southern california area you will receive a packet with instructions for taking some basic room measurements and informative photos of the space, as well as a design questionnaire. once we establish a budget and design direction, we will create a thorough design plan which includes the following elements:

  • concept board: one of the┬ábiggest challenges in designing your home is seeing the potential in your own space. we help you to visualize the final product of your space through a room concept board, where you can see all the components of the room come together.
  • space plan: includes a detailed furniture layout drawn to scale that references the items featured on the concept board. this provides you with the tools you need to see exactly how everything will fit together in your space.
  • shopping list: thorough, organized and tailored to your preference, our shopping list will provide you with specific recommendations for purchase based upon the concept board, with clickable links to recommended items. we may also provide some local resources based on your location.

upon delivery of the design plan, we will set up a 30 minute phone conference to discuss the design and answer any questions that may have come up along the way.

interested in learning more? i’m happy to discuss and help you figure out if e-design is the right option for your space. get in touch.

ready to get started? fill out the basic information sheet to receive your e-design packet. your ideal space is just a few clicks away!

if you need full-service design, please check out our offerings at playground agency or contact me directly for more details.