IMG_1972-bwminimalist with a penchant for glitter. sunny disposition with a snarky side. creative director at playground agency and purveyor of good taste at bow & curtsy. obsessed with advertising, art and the built environment from a young age, she went on to earn her degree in fine art and literature. she has been designing spaces since she was a young girl and loves bringing a client’s vision to life with a combination of her mind reading ability, down-to-earth demeanor and some serious design mojo. with a background in branding, advertising and design, she enjoys creating fresh experiences with historic, frequently playful references, merging equal parts restraint and irreverence. her specialty is special projects.

she is a voracious reader, a former ballerina and dreams in french when she’s had a very good day. she is frequently accused of being a little bossy and spends inordinate amounts of time expounding upon the merits of coffee (and sometimes champagne) as part of the creative process.